• Dragon Hoards by CRX

    Submission to Turn Based Tactics Jam; Related games Related; Dragon Hoards. A downloadable game. Download Now Name your own price. Grow your hoard greater than all your competitors in this multiplayer strategy game of wits and rolls! Complete with a …

  • Browsing Turn-Based Tactics - Steam

    Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Turn-Based Tactics products on Steam New and Trending Top Sellers What's Popular Top Rated Upcoming Results exclude some products based on your preferences. $19.99. Trials of Fire. Card Battler, Turn-Based Tactics, Tactical ...

  • The Lame Brain - itch.io

    A turn based tactical game for the Turn Based Tactics Jam! https://itch.io/jam/turn-based-tactics-jam

  • Auto Battle Tactics by falconerd

    Submission to Turn Based Jam (8 Bits to Infinity) Auto Battle Tactics. A downloadable game for Windows. Design the AI of your units before the fight, storing up to three preset behaviour sets per character. Switch between the sets in-battle to adapt to the circumstances.

  • Last 5 by thomas_yang

    This game is submitted for February 2021 Mini-Jam 73: Power. Special thanks to: GDQuest for the turn-based tactics code. GDQuest (mavenseed.com) 1-bit platformer pixel art by Kenny. Kenney • …

  • Andy Miller - itch.io

    A turn-based ASCII-art adventure game. Andy Miller. Visitation. ... FLAMBERGE is a turn-based tactics RPG featuring free movement and simultaneous turns. hydezeke. ... Action. ・Hell. A game about eggs. Made for #AGBIC jam 2017. babylon brooks. Role Playing. Neat Tools. ChipTone. Free game sound effects tool. SFBGames. Run in browser ...

  • ChuggzDev - itch.io

    (Made for the Turn Based Tactics Jam). ChuggzDev. Golden Jam. A game jam game. ChuggzDev. Role Playing. Realm of Coach Penny. Game I made a long time ago. ChuggzDev. Role Playing. Apollo's Oddysey Demo. A zombie world RPG. ChuggzDev. Role Playing.

  • Warriors and Tactics (Prototype) by Ogniok

    Warriors and Tactics is a highly tactical turn-based battle arena game blending elements from hero shooters and tactical games. A rich, expansive combat system that rewards skilled play. Use careful positioning, wisely combine abilities and mix attacks to crush …

  • Community - Turn Based Tactics Jam - itch.io

    Aug 26, 2020· Turn Based Tactics Jam. Hosted by Margaret Catter · #TBTJam. 18. ... Is it ok to submit a game that was used for another jam? started by lisyarus. 2 replies. 87 views. lisyarus. Aug 30, 2020 ... anythingarax. Aug 22, 2020. Can we implement a real time system, so can we make a RTS game, or just turn bas... started by DerNeueFuhrer. 1 reply. 128 ...

  • Playing Gears Tactics On Ironman Was A Mistake

    That's much harder to do in a turn-based tactics game where you might not realize just how much of a jam you've gotten yourself into until it's too late. Gears Tactics makes matters worse ...

  • WARRUNE by CurseNightGames

    Submission to Turn Based Tactics Jam; Related games Related; WARRUNE. A downloadable Tactical RPG. Buy Now $9.99 USD or more. Times are tough, that's why I'm offering a 40% discount for anyone going through financial hardship. Just click …

  • Turncoat Tactics by greyRocket

    This is a turn based tactics game, where your soldiers can turn on you. The chance of turning is based on tiles you stand, grass is 10%, sand 30% and swamp 50%. This is an updated version of a jam game, that was made for GMTK2020. This is how the game should have played, if we had enough time. The team: - Aljaž Podgornik (greyRocket) - programmer

  • Turn Based Tactics Jam - itch.io

    About. This is a month-long game jam geared around turn based tactics and strategy games in the Tabletop Role Playing Game space.. Create your own original system designed to run turn based tactics and strategy games. Turn Based Tactics is a genre of strategy games that through stop-action simulates the considerations and circumstances of operational warfare and military tactics in …

  • The big list of TTRPG Jams by Matthieu_be

    Never want to miss a cool TTRPG Jam ? Or you just want to discover all thoses incredible jams already published on itchio ? Simply follow this post, I will keep track of them.

  • Sky Pirates by Patty!, Null&Void - Patty! - itch.io

    Sky Pirates is turn-based tactics game set in the floating remains of earth. Players take on roles as either a renegade Sky Pirate Captain or join the Empyrean Republic Army as a Captain, to keep the peace of this new world. Players command a capital ship where …

  • Naughty Tanks by lisyarus

    Turn-based tactical shooter with tanks. Such a fun game! Simple mechanics but very engaging. I love how you switch to the tank's view when shooting, it makes the game very immersive!

  • Can I make this? - Turn Based Tactics Jam community - itch.io

    Aug 28, 2020· Turn Based Tactics Jam community. Can I make this? A topic by Mathew Forest Asher created Aug 28, 2020 Views: 118 Replies: 2. Viewing posts 1 to 3. Mathew Forest Asher 147 days ago. I erased the super long question about the nature of this jam to just get to the point.

  • Cool Duel V 1.0 by anythingarax

    The apex tabletop combat sim. The next step in combat's evolution: C o o l ☆ D u e l ☆ features the most fluid and tactical combat never before realized in the tabletop space. Challenge your friends to fast paced combat skirmishes, choosing weapons that best suit your martial desires, and experience squad commanding when you add in companions to the mix.

  • nave21 - itch.io

    A turn based tactics game for the GMTK 2020 game jam where you can only move enemy units. nave21. Strategy. Average. An jam puzzle game about averaging two blocks together. nave21. Puzzle. lots of me. a getting-over-it-like game with clones, Pogo sticks, and hang gliders. nave21. Platformer.

  • cpiod - itch.io

    Made for the Useless Simulation Jam. cpiod. Simulation. Play in browser. Games I enjoyed recently. FLAMBERGE. FLAMBERGE is a turn-based tactics RPG featuring free movement and simultaneous turns. msb /// hydezeke. Role Playing. Celeste. Brave hundreds of hand-crafted challenges as you help Madeline survive her journey to the top of Celeste ...

  • 20 Best Turn-Based Tactics games on Steam as of 2021 - Slant

    Valkyria Chronicles features an expertly-crafted, turn-based combat system, where you control only a few characters in each battle. You are often against greater numbers, so tactics play a huge part in this game. The combat system is called BLiTZ (Battle of Live Tactical Zones).

  • Riley - itch.io

    2D Isometric turn-based tactics game. You play as a commander of the last resistance against the Rogue Mind.

  • Football Tactics Arena: Turn-based Soccer Strategy - Apps ...

    FTA is a dynamic turn-based soccer clash, focusing on strategy and tactics instead of fast button pressing. This is your chance to become the next football manager legend. Lead your five-man team on a path to soccer glory - from humble beginnings, amateur leagues and muddy backyard pitches, to raving fans, jam-packed stadiums and global ...

  • Cybermunda Tactics by ian - Itch.io

    Guide your team to victory in this 2-Player turn-based tactics game (AI has been banned in the 22nd century...) This game was made for the #cyberpunkjam in 10 days. Thank you for playing, and please let me know what you think! Created by Ian Andreas Snyder: …

  • Submissions to Turn Based Tactics Jam - itch.io

    (Made for the Turn Based Tactics Jam). Mkp Akp. Last Eclipse. A portable, turn-based, tabletop tactics game. cog5games. Spectra Corps: Battle v0.5. A Posthumous Squad-Based Tactics and Social Co-op TTRPG. spicycurrybread. Trial of Redemption. Will you survive this trial? 351n. Strategy. Play in …

  • The Way of the Goblin by Raltor Speartalon

    The Way of the Goblin is a turn based tactics games where you control a group of goblins trying to find a place to call home. As you progress through the game your goblins gain mutations which provide various bonuses but all come with a cost. Made for DU Sci-Fi and Fantasy Game Jam …

  • Tinytouchtales - itch.io

    Turn based disc avoider for DISC ROOM JAM 2020. Tinytouchtales. Puzzle. Play in browser [Prototype] Micro Solitaire. 16 card Solitaire. Tinytouchtales. Card Game. Play in browser ... A turn based tactics game for #7DRL 2019. Tinytouchtales. Strategy. Play in browser. King of Nothing. Threes/Imbroglio-like for the 7DRL 2017. Tinytouchtales.

  • Submission feed - Turn Based Tactics Jam - itch.io

    Turn Based Tactics Jam. Hosted by Margaret Catter · #TBTJam. 18. Entries. Overview Submissions. Community 12. Screenshots Submission feed. Peach Garden Games rated a Tactical RPG 15 days ago. 0. WARRUNE. A downloadable Tactical RPG. View game. MarshLynx rated a …

  • Tactical Crisis by Tom Elliott

    Dec 20, 2020· Tactical Crisis An 8-bit styled Turn-based-Tactics game with an action twist. Made for Danny Arnold as part of Secret Santa Jam 2020, Tactical Crisis is a short, tongue in cheek 10 minute experience mostly for the giggles.. Made in Unity with some design help from Chloe Goodchild and Kal Holmes who tested it.

  • Mahou Shoujo Tactics by Guessy

    Command a team of magical in this turn-based tactics title of love and ... Comments; Submission to Magical Game Jam; Mahou Shoujo Tactics. A downloadable game for Windows. Command a (small) team of magical in the name of love and justice! A small, short, turn-based …